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Ms. K. Ramsay is our teacher-librarian.  She teaches information literacy skills, works with teachers on library projects, tells stories and coordinates some of the reading programs.  She buys new books with input from staff and students and maintains the library collection.  If there is a book that you would like to see added to our collection, please suggest it to Ms. Ramsay for consideration (no promises though due to budget and content issues).

Library hours: 
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday mornings:  8:30 - 8:50 a.m.
Monday and Tuesday lunchtime:  12:10 - 12:43 a.m.

Loan Policy:
Students do not need to bring in their books for renewals.  To reserve a book, a student must speak with Ms. Ramsay.  Books are signed out for one week at a time. 

Pete the Cat Reading Program:
We know through research that the amount of time children spend with books, being read to and reading on their own, directly impacts how they will do in school.  Children who learn to enjoy, understand and utilize written text outperform their peers who spend less time on this activity.

We believe all of our students should be spending some time each evening reading and/or being read to.  Therefore, as part of our reading goal this year we are encouraging all Annieville students to take part in our home reading program on a daily basis.  We are asking parents to do their part and ensure that their children or child is playing out this very important activity.

Appropriate reading guidelines to be followed:
- Kindergarten/Grade 1 should be spending a minimum of 10 minutes per night reading or being read to.
- Grade 2/Grade 3 should be spending a minimum of 20 minutes per night reading or being read to.
- Grades 4 to 7 should be spending a minimum of 30 minutes per night reading or being read to.

We thank you for your support!