Annieville Elementary

Morning Office Volunteers

Morning Office Volunteers monitor student absences during the school year. If you are interested in volunteering this is a perfect time to do so. A morning office volunteer sits at the office counter and hands out slips to any late students and documents their names.  Once the attendance is filed by the teachers, we follow up by contacting parents (with the help of Mrs. Denton) if they haven’t notified the school of their child’s absence.  Usually a phone parent works from the second bell in the morning for approx. 30-40 minutes.  If you can commit to one morning a week that would be great, or if you have someone you can partner with to alternate weeks that would work too.  It is a great way to volunteer at the school and help out in the school office. 

 If you are interested please leave a message at the school office for Ms. G. Poschner the Morning Office Volunteer coordinator.

 Thanks to all our current volunteers—your work is very much appreciated!!