Annieville Vision

In 2010, The Delta School District went through a visioning process to clearly articulate our mission, To enable ALL learners to succeed and contribute their full potential to the future.

At Annieville, Teachers are dedicated to creating ideal learning environments that meet the needs of ALL our Learners.

We create learning environments where children feel safe to take risks in their learning.  Taking risks isn’t always a comfortable place.  In fact, the ideal individual Just Right Learning opportunity is one where there is uncertainty, where children don’t quite know or understand all parts of what they’re trying to do or learn, but they have an idea/a plan and are willing to try.  Children will take on a Just Right Learning opportunity when they’re in the right (for them) learning environment, which is what our teachers strive to create.  The more children take advantage of these Just Right learning opportunities, the more resilient they will become, and the more they will believe in themselves.  Nothing can stop confident, resilient children from achieving to their full potential!

At Annieville, we understand that children are diverse in their strengths, stretches, and willingness to take risks in their learning. We work hard to understand students’ needs and create learning environments where students thrive.  You, the families, can help us understand your children’s needs, where they have passions and where they need encouragement. Working together is the best way to help your children achieve whatever they dream of achieving.

We hope to see you all at one or all of our school events like, Open House-Barbecue, Parent-Teacher conferences, special assemblies, performances, athletic events, the Christmas Market, and other great PAC-sponsored events.  Working and playing together and maintaining strong connections with you, the Annieville families, is what makes this a great place to learn and grow!