Vision & Values

Annieville Elementary

Annieville has joined all Delta schools in a process to create a vision both for our own school and the future of the Delta School District. The District requested feedback from each school about three important questions: What are our core values? What is our purpose/mission? What is our bold vision for the future of our school and the district?

At a series of collaborative meetings, staff and PAC members had an opportunity to generate and share ideas based on these questions. The final result is “Annieville’s Bold Vision Banner”  – a visual representation of the consolidated ideas from our discussions.

The Delta Superintendent hosted a district-wide meeting: to showcase each school site’s Core Values, Purpose/Mission and Vision, to unveil and share the District Vision that was created from the collected ideas from all shareholders and to create a plan to move from vision to action.  This exciting new District Vision will create a compass for future decision making in the Delta School District at all levels.

Annieville’s “Visioning” Banner includes the following highlights:
Bold Vision  and Sample Supporting Statements:
Every learner is nurtured, inspired and empowered to succeed and strive for personal excellence.
– Learning is at the Heart of our School
– A Culture of Care and Respect
– Learning Takes Place in a Safe and Supportive Community
– Global Citizenship

Core Values:

Purpose & Mission:

  • To create and foster caring connections with students, staff, families and the Annieville community.
  • To enable all students to succeed and strive for personal excellence.
  • To foster understanding and respect for individual differences.
  • To inspire students through engaging and creative learning opportunities.